A Greener, Leaner Air-con System

Developed by researchers from the National University of Singapore, our air-conditioning system cools hot air using water instead of chemical refrigerants like chlorofluorocarbon, which depletes the ozone layer. It does not need a compressor, hence it does not emit hot air like conventional air-con systems, which can adversely affect the microclimate of surrounding areas.

How It Works

NUSCool system

Our Innovative & Game-Changing Features:

Compressor-less Cooling System

Does not require compressors, which are noisy and not energy-efficient .

Decoupled Sensible and Latent Cooling

Enable precise temperature and humidity control.

Chemical Refrigerant CFC/HCFC Free

Eco-friendly technology that uses water as the only coolant. CFC/HCFC are ozone-depleting substances.

Saves Energy

Reduce energy consumption by 30% to 40%.

No Discharge of Heat to the Environment

Negate micro-climate effect to the environment. Heat contribute to global warming.

System is Not Pressurised

Avert leakage problem inherent in pressurised system.

Patented Technologies

Energy-saving and Eco-friendly


Data Centre Cooling

For data centres and more


Outdoor Cooling

For hawker centres, alfresco dining and shelters


Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Room Air-conditioning


Smart Utilities Plant

Ideal for Tropical Climates