NUScool’s Quad-Gen system uses single input of natural gas to produce four essential utilities of electricity, steam or hot water, chilled water for air-conditioning, and potable drinking water. Natural gas is fed to drive the micro turbine to generate electricity. The flue gas is harvested and utilised in the boiler to produce steam or hot water. The waste heat from the flue gas will be injected to the first stage absorption chiller to produce chilled water. The waste heat is used for the second stage at an innovative 4-Bed, 2-Evaporator Adsorption Chiller cum Distillation Unit to produce chilled water of two different temperature ranges of 6˚ to 10˚C and 13˚ to 15˚C to do air conditioning. The waste heat by-product is used to purify waste water or sea water that is fed to the Adsorption Chiller into high quality potable drinking water.

The system can also be incorporated with our patented membrane dehumidification technology and/or super-absorbent dehumidifier to remove the moisture in the air to boost the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system.

The benefits of this novel approach are energy reduction of 25% to 30% and savings in space needed to produce four essential utilities.


Offshore Platforms, Floating Cities, National Security and Natural Disaster situations, District Cooling, Underground Living and Smart Cities with decentralised energy and utilities systems controlled remotely via cloud computing.

July 2, 2018