In tropical countries like Singapore, the heat and the high humidity can be rather unbearable. Yet, it is not always desirable nor feasible, to enclose the place for installation of conventional air conditioning. The iconic hawker centres in Singapore are highly popular because of the good and cheap food. In contrast, the food in enclosed air conditioned food courts are priced much higher, chiefly because of the high energy cost of operating conventional air conditioning system.

NUScool Outdoor Air Conditioning system uses our patented dehumidification technology to reduce the humidity and then uses our patented indirect evaporative cooling technology to cool the air. The water and the air are not in contact and the resulting product air is dry and cool.

Note:  NUScool system is different from those direct evaporative air coolers, where the water and the air are in direct contact, resulting in “wet” product air with relative humidity reaching 100%; thus contradicting the principle of human thermal comfort which prefers relative humidity of about 60% to 70%.


NUScool Outdoor Air Conditioning system are energy-efficient and works well in non-enclosed outdoor areas such as hawker centres, coffee shops, alfresco dining, tentage for temporary events, shelters for disaster relief, sheltered walkways, as well as classrooms, Class C hospital wards, etc.

November 22, 2019